If you were born to be different, how do you identify yourself in this world?

Chaos, with no facial features, struggles to answer these questions. With wavering, uncertainty, desparate, and the destruction in the end.

Chaos is an experimental piece of physical theatre, based on a creature from The Classic of Mountain and Sea, extended from Taoist philosophy in Zhuangzi, inquires the eternal subject in humanity "who you are".







The Ruler of the Southern Ocean was Shu, the Ruler of the Northern Ocean was Hu, and the Ruler of the Centre was Chaos.

Shu and Hu were continually meeting in the land of Chaos, who treated them very well.

They consulted together how they might repay his kindness, and said, 'Men all have seven orifices for the purpose of seeing, hearing, eating, and breathing, while this (poor) Ruler alone has not one.

Let us try and make them for him.' Accordingly they dug one orifice in him every day, and at the end of seven days, Chaos died.

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