My universe has five Sounds we can use, five sounds like a timeline from past to now, the first sound like ancient times, everything is chaotic and invisible, everything is the most primitive.

The Second sound revolves around the human voice, like the beginning of human beings, and seeks the most primitive sound.

The third sound into industrialization, starting to have a crashing sound.

The Fourth sound, in the era of technology, in the voice, we can feel some original technology.

The fifth sound, like a digital area, everything we can not know, also like an alien voice or code real voice.

Two parts about My universe

1.Dream (Everything is illusory and cannot be changed).

2.Real life (Everything is real and you can control everything).

------------------ Techniques used ------------------

1.Press “Q” into Dream order.

2.Press “W” into Real Life Order.

3. move your mouse change music speed and image.

Also, provide TouchOSC


- Audio Sample damaged-corrupted

- Audio Sample nej-nej-dry

- Audio Sample metallic-noises-on-tape

- Audio Sample rack

- Audio Sample horror-4-alien

Source of Code example - Mike, Maximilian openFrameworksExamples Maxim Granular0_92

  • Key Words: Audio visual, openFrameworks, TouchOSC

Source of Code (Clik here)