Black in White - Magnetic in Paper


The charm and life of Chinese landscape paintings is not only the external appearance of the paper but also the invisible sensible rhyme beyond the pen and ink. However, the traditional form of Chinese landscape painting is to express their emotions through the painter's sway on paper. Most of them are shown in a freehand way, and the penetration or spread of ink on rice paper sometimes brings people a surprise style. My work was replaced by magnetic powder by changing the traditional material ink. During the movement of the magnetic powder, traces are left on the rice paper; this is a re-narrative expression of the material. At the same time, leap motion control movement of the magnetic powder according to the gesture of visitors. I wish my work can redefining people's feelings about Chinese landscape painting, and feeling the charm of Chinese landscape painting in black and white.

In this piece of work, using the machine learning algorithm, the finger data is obtained by leapmotion, sent to the Wekinator for general data training, so that when the leapmotion gets the visitor's data, it can be analyzed and the motor moved.

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